March 28, 2018

Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection.  It is the day we remind ourselves that with resurrection everything changes.


As much as we like to make analogies for the resurrection – bulbs to flowers; seeds to apple trees; cocoons to butterflies - resurrection is not natural.  Resurrection is God’s work. God takes what is “as dead as a door nail” and makes it live again.  And that includes us. 


We are often inclined to stay in tombs assigned to us by our life circumstances; by our attitudes, habits or choices.  The rock stays solidly in front of our tomb effectively blocking our exit.  “Metaphorical “rocks” are everywhere: the rock of disappointment, of insecurity, of grief, of poverty, of fear or of guilt. We’re often sealed in by the rocks of arrogance, confusion, addiction, or loneliness.  Our eyes adjust to the darkness of the tombs we choose “- or the tombs chosen for us.  (adapted from “Living the questions 2007 – Practicing Resurrection”)  


Resurrection is God’s power that works in us and with us to break free of those tombs – to roll the stones away and to find the light of a new day.   


The invitation of Easter is to believe that we can have this resurrection life; that we have been given new life through Jesus.  The invitation of Easter is to believe the resurrection message: in Jesus is our hope and our power for living.  In Jesus is deliverance from those things which weigh us down. In Jesus is liberation from sorrow and healing for our scars and our hearts. 


As it says in the second letter to the Corinthians, “When we are in Christ”; when we allow Jesus to take the reigns of our lives, “we are a new creation.  The old is gone.  The new has come.” (2 Cor. 5:17)


Please, join us for Worship on Easter and for the rest of the Easter season. (The Easter season begins on Easter Sunday and continues for 50 days – until the day of Pentecost)  Come and see the resurrection work that God is doing at Peace United Church of Christ. 



Grace and Peace, Pastor Marty



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