No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here


to explore your faith, to meet new people, to strengthen your personal relationship with God, to be challenged and sent out to do the work of Christ in God's world


All are welcome to worship with us, serve with us, and participate in the programs and activities of the church. 

Joining Our Church

Membership Exploration Classes scheduled as needed. These classes are for anyone considering membership at Peace UCC and anyone who would like to learn more about our ministry and mission.
  • Church membership identifies people as followers of Jesus Christ and as those who belong and participate in the Christian Church.  Membership is a Covenant between the member, God and other persons belonging to the church – a Covenant that grants certain privileges but also entails some responsibility.  These responsibilities include . . . 

  • Regularly being part of the worshipping community.

  • Being a minister - being part of the mission of the church individually and in community with others.

  • Being a steward - the offering of money and time to the church and its mission are signs of faithfulness to the Covenant.

  • Being a learner - A Christians' growth and maturity occur through regular encounter with the Bible and through engagement with other members in study and discussion.